Air Force career fields under the 3XXX specialty codes (Support) include computer systems programming, Radio Communications, Electrical Power Production, HVAC, Fire Protection, EOD, Security Forces, Public Affairs, Education & Training and other areas.

3A0XX Knowledge Operations Management   3C0XX Communication-Computer Systems 
3C1XX Information Systems Technology     3C2XX Network Integration 
3D0XX Knowledge Operations Management    3D1XX Client Systems 
3E0XX Electrical Systems    3E1XX Heating, Ventilation, AC, Refrigeration 
3E2XX Pavement and Construction Equipment    3E3XX Structural 
3E4XX Water and Fuel Systems Maintenance     3E5XX Engineering 
3E6XX Operations Management    3E7XX Fire Protection 
3E8XX Explosive Ordnance Disposal 3E9XX Emergency Management 
3M0XX Services   3N0XX Public Affairs   3N1XX Regional Band 
3N2XX Premier Band   3P0XX Security Forces    3S0XX Personnel 
3S1XX Equal Opportunity   3S2XX Education and Training 
3S3XX Manpower 
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