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USAF Enlisted technical Training class photographs

Air Passenger Specialist

Air Passenger Specialist Course (60530), Nov 1975, Sheppard AFB, TX

Air Cargo School

Air Cargo Technician Course Sheppard AFB, May 1982

Fire Protection Specialist

Fire Protection School Class 57130 Chanute AFB, Feb 1981

Security Forces Academy (Military Police / Air Police)

Class 25093 - October 1963

SP Academy Class 830524 - G Flight (May 1983)

Law Enforcement Team 1 Bravo - 21 March 1995

AP Class 11114 Dec 1964

AP Class 04123 - Jan 1964

Law Enforcement Specialist Class 791113 E Flt - Nov 1979

Security Specialist Class 860917 - Oct 1986

Air Police Academy Class 08014 Feb 1964

Air Police Academy Class 29074 August 1964

Law Enforcement Specialist Class 810615 C Flt - Jul 1981

Security Specialist Class 840514 A Flt - May 1984

Military Working Dog Courses

Sentry Dog Handlers Course 12106 - Dec 1966

Sentry Dog Handlers Course- Class 24057, Lackland AFB Jul 1967



Intelligence 1N0X1 Class 160411 - Sep 2006



Teletype Maintenance Class - 09072 - F.E. Warren AFB, WY Dec 1952

Electronic Fundamentals - Keesler AFB, MS Sep 1955

Electronic Fundamentals - Keesler AFB, MS Aug 1954

Electrical Power Production - Sheppard AFB, TX 1990

Production Control Apprentice Course - Dec 1989

64132 Course 04084-3, F.E. Warren AFB, WY

64530 Inventory Management Specialist Course - Lowry AFB, CO 1974

2T2X1 Air Transportation Apprentice Course - Lackland AFB, TX June 2002

Aerospace Ground Equipment Repair Course - Chanute AFB, IL Dec 1987

Instrument Repairman Course - Chanute AFB IL, Oct 1966

Navigation Tactics Devices Specialist - Chanute AFB IL March 1981

Inventory Management Specialist School - Amarillo AFB TX Aug 1964


Medical Service Specialist Course class 62-x

Medical Service Specialist Course 61-P

Medical Helper Course Class 22082, Greenville AFB, MS Oct 62

Medical Service Course (no class number) - Sheppard AFB TX 1995

Medical Service Course (no class number) - Sheppard AFB 1995

Operating Room Specialist Course 65-C - Gunter AFB AL Jun 1965

Medical Helper Course 65-11 Gunter AFB AL Mar 1965

Aircraft Maintenance

431X1C (Aircraft Crew Chief) Grad Class Nov 1967

431X1C (Aircraft Crew Chief Course) - Sheppard AFB, TX Feb 1971

C-130 Crew Chief - Sheppard AFB 2000

Jet Engine School Class 26024A - Amarillo AFB, TX March 1964

Jet Engine School Class - Amarillo AFB TX, Nov 1961

Egress Repairman School 13113A - Amarillo AFB, TX Feb 1964

Jet Aircraft Crew Chief Course - Sheppard AFB, TX Jan 1970

Aircraft Instrument Mech. Class 10129A - Chanute AFB, IL Feb 1950

CSD F-16 Crew Chief Class 110428 - Sheppard AFB, TX Apr 2011

Aerospace Ground Equipment Class 23026 - Chanute AFB IL Jul 1966

Jet Engine Mechanic Class 730827 - Chanute AFB IL  Nov 1973

Aircraft Maintenance Course - Sheppard AFB, TX 1984

Aircraft Crew Chief Course 452X4 - Sheppard AFB, TX 1991

Corrosion Control Specialist - Sheppard AFB, TX Oct 1987

Protective Coating Specialist School - Sheppard AFB TX 1968

Aircraft Maintenance Specialist - Sheppard AFB TX Nov 1971

Crew Chief Course - Sep 1978

Crew Chief Course (Turbo Prop)- Sheppard AFB TX Nov 1968

Jet Engine Mechanic Course (432X0) Chanute AFB, IL Jun 1969

Aerospace Ground Equipment Technician - Chanute AFB IL, Mar 1969

Airframe Repair

Airframe Repair Course  - Chanute AFB, Nov 1987

Airframe Repair Course - Amarillo AFB, Oct 1962

Fuels Apprentice Course

Fuels Apprentice Course Class 070810 - Sep 2007 Sheppard AFB, TX

Fuels Apprentice Course - Chanute AFB IL, Nov 1981

Aircraft Armament Systems / Munitions Systems

B-52 Weapons June 1993

F-15 Weapons - Aug 1989

F-15 Weapons - July 85

Munitions Systems Specialist - Lowry AFB 1993

Weapons Mechanic Specialist - Lowry AFB Apr 1973

B-52 Weapons Class 011010 - Sheppard AFB  Oct 2001

B-52 Weapons Class 020724 - Sheppard AFB Sep 2002

B-52 Weapons Class 030923 - Sheppard AFB Sep 2003

B-52 Weapons Class 030502 - Sheppard AFB May 2003

B-52 Weapons Class 030624 - Sheppard AFB Jun 2003

B-52 Weapons Class 040514 - Sheppard AFB Jun 2004

B-52 Weapons Class 021119 - Sheppard AFB Nov 2002

Missile Maintenance

Minuteman III Mechanic Course - Chanute AFB IL, Apr 1979

Vehicle Maintenance & Operations

Special Vehicles Class 14112A - May 1963

Vehicle Operations Class 940104 - Feb 1994, Lackland AFB, TX

Vehicle and Motorized Equipment Electrician - F.E. Warren AFB WY, May 1953



Telecommunications Course Class 041013, Sheppard AFB, TX

Airborne Electronics Course  (AFSC 30131), Keesler AFB, MS Nov 1954

Electronic Systems Security Assement Course Goodfellow AFB TX Jul 1996


Admin Tech School / 3377th School Sq. Amarillo AFB, TX Jan 1961

MRA Contracting Course

MRA Contracting apprentice Course 030505


Most Air Force technical training schools produced a class photograph before the Airmen graduated.  In many cases, the instructors kept copies of all of their classes while not every student purchased one (like the BMT flight photos).

This new collection includes all such photographs that have been donated to the Lackland Archives.  Many photographs came from tech training schools that were on Air Force Bases now closed (Amarillo, Chanute and Lowery to name a few).  

Please bear in mind that the only photos we have are those that are donated to us --- if you do not see your particular tech training class photo we do not have it.  There is no way to gauge the availability of any particular tech school class photograph --- we are fortunate to have the ones we do.  Our work in this area continues as we sort out the multitude of photographic business that were engaged in these photos (knowing that many photos were taken by class members/instructors who had cameras).

As always, enjoy the memories.