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3706 Squadron Flt 0381
Anyone left out there from Squadron 3706 Flight 381 April 1973? I found my book today
Sgt Victor Twitty

3708 BMTS April 1975 graduation
Looking for anyone who was in FLT ?? Under TSGT Mizel and SSGT Ferel for photos. June 2 2015 Joe
SSGT Training Instructor Joseph Lane Shipp

Sq 3743 Flight W216
Does anyone have a complete picture for this flight the one that is here has been cut and people are missing look just to the right of the middle front girl has 2 shoulders and 3 legs anyone with one please post thank you Kimberly
Kimberly Sypher Drake
Eglin AFB

Basic Training
Completed Air Force basic training in September 1969, Flight 1197, 3724th BMTS at Lackland. Flight photo, etc, misplaced long ago, is there anyone out there from my flight or anyone who has the photo?
Kerry Bookwalter

The "U.S. Air Force BMT Memories" Facebook group is for active duty and veteran airmen who have gone through U.S. Air Force Basic Military Training at one of the six training bases: Lackland AFB, TX, Amarillo AFB, TX, Sampson AFB, NY, Parks AFB, CA, Sheppard AFB, TX and Keesler AFB, MS. This forum is a place for everyone to share their BMT-related experience, memories, stories, pictures, videos and topical articles and information, search for other airmen as well as to commemorate and honor our fellow Air Force brothers and sisters. Family members/relatives, and past/present employees at the training bases are welcome to join the group and contribute as well. NOTE--Please read the group "Description" before requesting to join.
E-4 Sgt. Carolyn Carter
Lackland AFBBrooks AFBCannon AFB

Note: Nice!!!!

Lackland AFB Lost Grad Pics 3724 Sq Flight1859
Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy What is this the Twilight Zone????? I was in Lackland November 30,1969-Jan 7,1970 Where is the Graduation Pics? I am desparately seeking the Photo,Jack.Willing to Pay a Big Reward for 3724 Squadron Flight 1859 We were the Lost Squadron.The Top Secret Squadron.Anyone still around from the Lost Squadron 1859.We were the Original "Walking Dead". You Know why the Air Force is the Best Branch?We send the Officers out to do the Fighting.Hey this is the email age.1859ers lets keep in touch.Get me the pic or email me it before I go to the great big base in the sky.
Airman First Class Gus Mimikos
Pease AFBNew Hampshire

Missing photo revisited
I submitted a statement about out BMT photos not being on the site, but i failed to say where and who: I was in the 331st and my MTI was SrA Mixon. She was a short white lady, she was a fire cracker! Graduation date of either 9 or 16 February, 1996.
MSgt James A Cross
March ARB

BMT 3709 Flt 185
Looking for anyone who was in this Flt Started Jan 1963 and graduated late Feb or early Mar 1963 Lackland AFB TX If you were assigned this Flt and or have a photo please let me know Email me at Would love to hear from anyone Thanks guys
E-7 Ret George B Keeley
Lackland AFB TX

Flt 397
anyone from 3724 flight 397 March 69?
Sgt Fordia Jones
Lackland AFB

Missing pics
Was wondering why some are there and others are not showing the flights. mine was 3701 798 1974. Would love to find the pic of my flight.
Sgt Keith Meyer
Mather AFB Lackland AFB

Note: The collection is built from those Vets, family and friends who have donated photos to the archives --- stay tuned to the website for updates :)


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