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looking for photos and people
Jeri Kazan if you are out there and see this I hope like anything you get in touch. I've wondered for 42 years what happened to you and would love to get in touch. Also any female from rainbow flight 43, May 14 1970, Sgt Moore and Sgt Vermilla. I would dearly love to hear from anyone who was there with me, especially if you are within driving range and would like to reconnect. It's always fun to see how we've changed from 18 to 60! Hope you are all well, Rosie
airman roslyn roseman armstrong
lackland and shepard

Thanks for posting my graduation picture in such a quick time.I appreciate your efforts,it means alot.....Rich Solomen..
Lackland AFB.Tx.

BMT 3702 Flt 486 in 1979
I am still looking for anyone that has a copy of BMT 3702 Flt 486 from 1979. Anyone have a copy? Michael
J. Michael Hanna

squadron 3701 flight 171 March 1979
I would like to see if anyone has a photo this is real important to me. Thanks
msgt Mack H Schwalm jr.

Basic Training
I was in the 3725th BTMS Flight 191 January 1961. Trying to locate former friends. The entire flight was from the New England area.
SMS Retired Dan DeBrase
Lackland AFB

BMTS 3706 Flt 1652 I don't remember group photo but will watch the site for one. I entered the USAF Nov. 23, 1963 the day Pres.Kennedy was assassinated. We sat in the barracks a week before going to the Green Monster to get issue of clothes.I was from San Antonio and played golf on the course many times as my father retired from Lackland 1961. No one was the change into civies, drive a car or leave the city limits. Thanksgiving day my father picked me up and I drove back in civies, picked up 3 others and drove to New Braunsfelds for the day.Drove back, changed and father brought us back to base without anyone knowing. We were issued a can on neutral polish from PX. We used it to polish the upstairs floor. We moved everything, about 12 of us polished and 12 came along after and used blankets to polish. No one walked down the center of the aisle. The TI came in, saw what we were doing, looked at us and walked into his office and shut the door. Didn't come out til finished and said "Looks good" and left. Neat guy. memories
A2C Jack Garner
Lackland Sheppard Peshawar

Looking for W079 Oct 79
The following ladies were in my flight and we also had SSgt Cordova who was one of our TIs.: Kathy Butler, Debra Edwards, Roxanne Detonje, AB Vann, AB Harp, Debbie Bedinger Broe, Julia George, Amy Edwards, Myra Ratchford and one of our Element leaders is Virginia Graf. Is anyone out there?
No Faith Gordon

My memories
I arrived at Lackland from Puerto Rico late on a cold early winter night on October 1983. I was wearing slacks and a short sleeve shirt and was standing outside the Orderly Room for almost 2 hours waiting for our TI TSgt Ramon Morin to come and take us to the dorm. From that single moment my life changed forever and I thank God for giving the courage to go through it.
Special Agent FBI William Rios
Lack land AFB

Mailed my today(4-27-12).Sq.3701Flt.1355(Nov.1957).Hope to see it soon.Thanks for your service.
R Solomen
Lackland AFB

BMT Names
I am searching for the names of BMT 3725 Flt. 411 that graduated in April 1965. Please contact Thank You
Steve Hesse


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