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37251391 Sep-Oct 69
Joined to avoid the draft. Second day of basic, learned that Ho Chi Minh had died. I thought the North Vietnamese would give up and we could all go home. No, we had another several years and thousands of body bags yet to go.
AB Bob Dowle

Looking for Photo
Looking for BMT photo Sgt Gentry was out MTI, we graduated in December 1992. 323 Flt 045.
SSgt Mark Clark

I was in the 3711th in 1974 in June. Don't remember the flight number. Didn't see our photo and I was wondering. Our T.I.s were Tech Sgt. Adams and Staff Sgt. Berry. Would like to here from anyone who was there.
Floyd Harris

Looking for are flt photo or graduation video
Looking for my basic training group picture. 323trs, flt 227 and are brother flt 228 we were flag carriers during are graduation ceremony. Are instructors were SSGT. Plate and SSGT. Wade. We started basic 14 FEB 2000.
Billy Lee Lows Jr.
Lackland AFB

BMTS 3704 Flt 619 Jun-Jul 1977
Hard to believe that it has been nearly 37 years since I was at BMT. Funny I remember my TI's name. SSGT Lovell J. Pittman and Sgt. Hick we had a kid also named Hick in the flight. Sgt Hicks called him namesake.
Tsgt Bryan K Lynch

3704 BMT FLT 0480 June 1974.
Seeking any photos taken of 3704 BMT FLT 0480 June 1974. Also any photos taken during basic training or after graduation before everyone shipped out and left Lackland AFB.
Danny Earles

3706 Sq
I was in basic from Nov 75 - Jan 76. I was in the 3706 Sq but can't remember the flight. TI's were MSgt Bell and TSgt Viera.
MSgt - Retired Mike McClendon
Joint Base Lewis-McChord

Looking for 3709 BMT Flt 066 Members
I was able to send in our group BMT photo for the 3709 Flt 066. I you were a member of the flight feel free to send me an email at I would love to hear from you all.
MSGT Ralph Sytkowski
Whiteman AFB Mo

squadron 3724 flt 687
I posted our flight pick about a year ago.Anybody out there? We had Sgt. Prysock and SSGT. Minfee.June 24 through August 7th,1974
e-3 dale mcloud

Basic training recyclee
I was originally assigned to the March 1982 BMT 3709 flight 147 when I started on Feb 3, '82. "Hurricane" Hynes was my TI and he was a very tough one. I was at day 10 in my training schedule (about 2 weeks), when they held a 'red-line' inspection on the dorm while we were out marching one day. They found that my socks were folded incorrectly, which meant that I wasn't paying close enough attention when the TI showed us how to do it properly on one of the first days of training. There had been multiple 'blue-line' inspections prior to this critical 'red-line', but they never said a word about my socks. Nor did any of my fellow students say anything about it, as we're supposed to check each other's stuff for correctness. A failed red-line meant that was 're-cycled' back the next class behind us for "re-training'. I then joined BMT 3709 Flight 181 (along with another re-cycled student) and was depressed about it at first, because it meant an extra 2 weeks in BMT for me! However, I was very pleased a little later, as the new TI was a great guy and the flight was a good group of guys to be with. When we graduated with honors, it was a great accomplishment for us all, and when it came time to get our paychecks for the entire period, mine was 2 weeks fatter than everyone else's checks! I considered it a win-win-win and went off to tech school in Wichita Falls, TX for Able chief aircraft maintenance initial training. After that, I went to Travis AFB, CA to train on my assigned airframe, the KC-135, which was what I wanted before I had even enlisted. Another win! The story goes on with many ups and downs for the next 21 years, ending in retirement from a carer with 9 years active time and 12 yrs part-time in the ANG, having traveled all over the world on these amazing aircraft! What a ride it has been!
E-6 Michael S Bucchino Sr.
Lackland AFB


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