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Can't find my flight
Can't find my flight. I graduated in Jan 1980 from the 3701, flight 548.
Retired MSgt Jose Camacho
Bitburg AFB

3711 flt 1422 1973
Lost my flt photo years ago. Now I have 2 sons in the AF. Would like to have a photo of my flt to hang on the wall next to theirs. Thanks.

As you probably know the AF did not keep the photos because they were not
official photos. The web site we have on line are photos that have been
donated to us. I get photos in daily and I upload them within a couple
days. Check the site weekly to see if your photos show up. Here is the
information on the current contractor taking the photos, but keep in mind
the contractors change every few years and it is unknown who they are or if
they kept photos. 210-695-4979
Our web site -


Minnie Martinez (USAF Ret)
Office Automation Technician
37 TRW/History Office
Bldg 7065 Room 2
(Corner of Selfridge and Carswell)
Lackland AFB, Texas 78236-5155

Daniel Ryan
Travis Yokota

i was in basic in may of 69, old barracks down the road from skate rink, remember hearing music every nite after lights out think it was flight 3701 any info would help
john anderson

Looking for my flight
I graduated from the 3708th but don't remember the flight number. Looking for any contacts or photos.
MSgt retired Robert Johnson

Flt W060 graduated Nov 1983
Trying to find ladies from my basic flt I did run into Shirley Gramling on Offutt a few years ago She was retiring around the same time I did Feb 2004 Our TIs were Unique a male and Johnson a female AKA the black widow I remember there were 50 of us in the flight There were three of us with the last name of MILLER me included and we had to clean the utility closet brooms mops etc I think there were 5 of us out of the 50 that were older than 19 Rose was a guard. She was one of the older ones Also we have a girl last name Culliver from New Orleans
TSgt ret Deborah A. Miller McCray

BMT Memories
There are numerous posts on this site where folks said they forgot, or just never knew their BMT Squadron, Flight numbers. I requested my military records from National Personnel Records Center, NPRC There is a note about this on the homepage of the BMT photo site. As part of my package, NPRC provided copies of my travel orders to Amarillo AFB, including the BMT School number 3330rd, and a copy of my E2 promotion orders, which had Squadron, flight number, and the names of everyone in my flight. Make sure you ask for everything in your records, not just the DD-214 option. Good luck.
Sgt Ron Samson

Basic Training Jan-Mar 1954
Don't remember my Squadron/flight number and haven't found it on the photo gallery. Maybe the photo did not get put in. May have been overlooked. Would like to have a photo after so many years and try to find some of the guys.
Senior Master Sergeant Charles Landen

C-Flt Randolph Security Police
Would like to hear from former members of C-Flight from Randolph Security Police. I was stationed there in 1973 under Sgt Ebbert.
E-4 Separated Dean Novak
Randolph AFB

I can't remember my flight number
I was in basic training Jun 1981. My Squadron was 3711 but for the life of me I cannot remember what my flight number was. Looking through the pictures I do not see any that look familiar. Is there anybody out there that was in Basic Traning with me? What was out flight number? Does anyone have the flight picture?
E5 Rodney Groshans
Lackland AFB Bellows AFS Edwards AFB

BMT 3704 Flt 040
Started Jan 12 1981 just seeing if anyone is still out there
E-3 Donald Schumacher


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