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I went into BMTS 3708 on 20 APR. 88 and was looking for photos or a yearbook from my flight. Any suggestions?
Jeff Oles

Sq 3701 Feb 1985
Looking for photos of flight that started basic on 4 Feb 1985. I think our flight number was 187 or 287 but I'm not sure. Anyone else still on active duty or am I just a glutton for punishment?
Capt 0-3E Todd Pincombe
Maxwell AFB

looking for fellow basic tech airmen Sept 88 3711BMTS
Entered Lackland on Sept. 6 1988. Assigned to 3711. don't remember flt.number. Had Sgt. Browning and another hard butt Sgt. as TI's. Ended up as Honor flight graduated around Oct 21st, 22nd. Proceeded to 6 more weeks at Lackland for Security specialist training. Drafted for another wonderful 9 days for M-60 specialist school. On to Ft. Dix N.J. for Air base Ground Defense. Finally arrived in Ellsworth AFB S.D. around end of Feb. 1989. Many of my fellow basic and tech school airmen assigned there with me. half of the tech school class went to Ellsworth, the other half to Minot N.D. Seperated reluctantly in March of 1990 under the early out program. SSGt.Jeffery Berg was my supervisor at Ellsworth and Squadron NCOIC was MSGt. MAson. Get in touch if you remember any of this. I'm on Facebook too.
E-3 Chris NElson
Ellsworth S.D.

Looking for members
Looking for members of 3726 BMTS Flt 414, Oct 1976
MSgt Keith Callaway

3720 BMS 3723 BMTS FLIGHT 409
Looking for anyone that might have a photo of the Flt 409 BMTS or that might know someone with a copy of such a photo Started as Ditty Bop and ended up as SkyCop Great site and Thank you all for your service to our country Can contact me at vinsondr at hotmail dot com. Check out the vspa dot com
Sgt E4 Honorable Discharge70 Danny R Vinson
LacklandKeeslerOrlandoUbonMcCoy AFBs

3332 BMTS Flt. 241
Looking for anyone who was in this Flt. We started on June 16th. or 17th. 1968 I have our Graduation picture and will send anyone who wants one a copy. Looking for anyone who was tere with me.. Sgt. Bob Mechanic was our TI.
Sgt. E-4 Dale Miller
Amarillo AFB

Flight W035 3711
Looking for flight photo from squadron 3711, W035.
Brenda Goodwin Osban

3708 BMTS - Flt 0856 - Sep 1972
I have contacted these fine folks and have offered up a copy of the above mentioned photo. If you'd like one and can't wait for it to be posted here, contact me for a free emailed copy.
Charles Fink
Lackland AFB

Flight 1446 Dec. 1972
I was in Basic Training 3728 Squadron, Flight 1446, Nov - Dec. '72. Our TI's were Sgt Sadler and A1C Hall. They were the youngest TI team at Lackland. And they were cool. I wonder if anybody from my old flight reads this kind of thing... I took tons of pics in basic, the AF put them in storage, I never got 'em back. God, I'l love to get my hands on those photos. Oh well. My stepson is going into Air Force basic in August, triggered massive nostalgia in me....
Greg Rasmussen

Flight W032
I was an Airman Basic then and was Airman Basic Catt would love a picture. Remember Bobby Cecere, Cathy Duke, Wendy Renfrow, Sonia Padilla, and Jamie Bell. Anyone have a picture sure would love to see it and download it. Retired now and have been for 10 years.
AB Thresia Catt Slusher
Lackland AFB


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