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Happy Holidays
Just wanted to pass on to all veterans and active members a very Happy Holiday season. I think back that 43 years ago I was just out of basic training at Amarillo, finished my tech school at Chanute and was just arriving at Seymour Johnson to really start my Air Force Carrier. To this day I still think about all I went through in 4 years and wish at times I could do it all over again. That was the best and at times worse times in my life, but I wouldn't trade anything for it. I'm proud to say I served and enjoy reading the notes and looking at the pictures. My picture of our flight ,3332 BMTS Flight 241 takes me back to that day. I know a few of those guys are now gone, but none are forgotten. Take care guys and gals, and Have a very Happy and propress New Year.
Sgt Dale Miller
Amarillo Seymour Johnson

3708 Flt 796 November 1988
Looking for folks from my BMT flight...Actually, looking for our BMT Flight Photo. Hit me up
MSgt Retired Tony Colache
All over

3708 BMTS Flt 044
I have the original photo of the Flt dated 01AUG1977. It is approximately 11" x 14" size.
Cecil M. Wingate
Lackland AFB

Feb 1983 3707 Flt W107
I am searching for a photo or yearbook picture of our flight to share with my children grandchildren. My son is currently going through BMT and I would love to show him my pic that was lost in a series of moves through the years. If you have one please contact me. Thank you. Karen Lester
E4 Karen Valade Lester

I was in bmt from 28 OCT 1973 to 7 DEC 1973 flight G67/R51 I have been looking for any members of that flight for more than 30 years. Looks like thay just all vanished. If any of you read this you can contact me a
MsgtRet Alan J. Barone

BMT memories
first let me say that I was along haired 17 year old kid from California. the plaine was late getting in so it was well after 9pm when I got to dorm 6371 one of the old mob dorms. I walked up to the dorm guard and he let me in and told me to see the man up stairs. so off I went up the stairs. as I approched the squaid bay I could see al the members of the flight sitting on the floor. The T.I. was sitting with his back to me talking to the flight. Then I did it. I opened my mouth and said in a clear voice Hay man the cat down stairs told me to talk to you. At that point Sgt. Gray came out of his chair like his pants were on fire. Before I knew it he was in my face right in my face. He the told me in NO uncerten terms that there woere no CATS in the Air Force ONLY AIRMEN. Now put your bag down next the Expletive bunk and get your expletive expletive in that latrine and shave from the top of your ears to the top of your shulders. I chuclke every time I think of that of corse it was not funny at the time. What a way to start your airforce career.I was not sure that I would make one week. but I did and went on to do 22.75 years and never regreted it.
MsgtRet. Alan J. Barone
lackland and others

Note: Oh what a great story! I just loved it! One time I was taking the Chief of Police secretary's place while she went to lunch. someone called the office and told me to take a message for the Chief. It was, "call L C De Cow". I was so scared that I didn't realize it was Elsie the cow from the Nestle's Chocolate Commercial. Well the Chief of Police let me know he was not pleased! I about wet myself after that chew out! Minnie

Sq 3708 Flt 4426 Dec 1949
I am looking for a photo to help a retired member. If you have photo Sq 3708 Flt 4426 Dec 1949 or anything with Edward Coggeshall RET MSgt please email me at the 37 TRW/History Office
RET USAF TSGT Minnie Martinez
Lackland AFB

BMTS 3706 Flt 250
Anyone out there from 3706 Flt 250 graduated October of 1983.
MSgt MSgt Retired Michael S Hunter

BMT 3725 Flight 1312
I was at Lackland Oct 1968 BMT 3725 Flight 1312. Anyone else from flt 1312?
E-4 William Drake

Looking for 3706 TS Flight 488
Greta web site with all the pictures of BMT past I looked for mine I started training Monday Sep 22, 1986 in the 3706 TS flight 488 did not see it listed. Hope you can pst it. Thanks James M. Horak, TSgt USAF Retired 1005 Muelhause Street Belton TX 76513
TSgt James Horak
Lackland AFB


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