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3706 BMTS Flight 334 30 July - 12 Sept 1986
Seeking any members of BMTS 3706, Flight 334 from the summer of 1986, TI's SSgt Wilfredo Pagan and Sgt Michael Jones.....we also received regular visits from SSgt Flores and Sgt Barry from our brother flight. I served 9+ years as an Inventory Management Specialist; aka, Supply-guy....7 at Moody AFB and 2 at Hill AFB and a few months in Saudi in 1994 before I got out and moved back to Columbus, Ohio in 1995. From Jan 1996 to Jan 2009 I worked in the private sector in supply-chain, purchasing, and logistics roles and obtained three college degrees, including an MBA, with that wonderful GI Bill. When the economy went south, I joined the ranks of the unemployed; however, was 'promoted' to GS-12 when I was hired in Aug 2009 at Wright Patterson AFB as a Logistics Management Specialist at the Air Force Security Assistance Center, AFSAC. The Air Force changed alot in my 14 years away but you can never clip the wings of an Airman. I love my job and the Air Force and will retire here. Anyone from the 3706th, flight 334, please feel free to get in touch. I'd love to hear how you're doing and would certainly love to get my hands on some old photos.
E-5 then GS-12 now Paul Ruh
Wright Patterson AFB

Looking for Photo
I was in 3728 flight 216 Feb 1974,Sgts Houston and Turley were our DI's Thanks in advance
MSGT James Bell

A story for SSgt Dorothy Dooley
Feb - Apr 1987. 3743rd, W096. About 4 weeks through training, our TI was in an accident and we had to get a replacement. I had been struggling - not getting things are perfect as was demanded of course - that's the purpose... One morning, Sgt Dooley arrived early. She was to be our replacement TI. She was impeccable - long hair perfect, no strays at 0400; gig line perfect, demeanor perfect, upholding every standard she was expecting us to live up to. As we got down to the last weeks, things began to come together for me. I did better on inspections, was running faster, learning the AF way. The day before graduation, she called me into the dreaded glass box in the dorm. I had no idea what I had done wrong but most people who went in, did not come out happy. What went on in that little room affected my entire life to this day. I was not confronted by my TI, but I met Sgt Dooley that day. She explained to me that I had been doing a good job. She said that of any trainee she had ever had, I was the one most deserving of being the Honor Graduate, but because I had failed a few inspections during week one, I did not have the necessary points, and she could not give it to me. That day, I met Integrity in the form of a woman, a warrior, a sister. I have wanted to thank her for years but cannot find her. I live my life in my uniform every day - proud of where I came from and never forgetting that very special day when I was NOT the honor graduate.
Capt Lenore Hackenyos
New Castle ANG

Looking for BMT Photo
I went into basic Sept 24th 1970 and finished Nov 70. I think it was 3723 BMTS. SSgt Clayton was our Team Chief and Sgt Padilla was our Team Member. AKA as Dennis Gleason while in Basic.
E-7 Dennis Dudley aka Gleason
Francis S. Gabreski

What was are FLT
I arrived at basic on Sept.29 1986 where has the time gone. If you showed up in San Antonio on that day I would love to hear from you. I have a bunch of photos from are time in the barracks.
TSgt. Michael Muller

Trying to find photo BMT photos
I was in basic at Amarillo AFB 15 June 1966 to mid July 1966. Would like to find a photo of my basic training flight.
E-4 Bill Clark
Amrillo AFB

TSgt Camp SSgt Donnie Rogers
TSgt Camp, I have a flight photo. I was a recruit, 1981, 3704, Flt 407.
MSgt retired Mark Williams

322 TRS Flt 396 may95
Anyone still active besides myself from this group of airman,would love to hear from you.
TSgt Steven Vitale

Former Classmates
Appreciate hearing from any former classmates of my class Nov 1957 Squadron 3707 Flight 1317 Happy Memorial Weekend
Retired SSGT Falcione Elmer
BMT Lackland

3703 Flt 098
Looking to see if anyone else was in this flight and has a photo of our Flight.
E-4 Roy Landry
Lackland AFB


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