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BMT Flight Photo
Hurricane Katrina took my BMT flight photo a few years ago and I'd like to track down a copy. If anyone knows where I can find one, please let me know. I'd greatly appreciate it. I arrived at BMT on July 4th 2001. I was in the 320th TRS. My TI's were Tsgt Plank and Ssgt Caine. I believe my flight was somewhere in the 400's. Thanks. SV
E-5 Sullivan Vullo

3332 BMTS Flt. 241 JUne 1968
Thanks for getting the flights pictures posted. I have a better and clearer picture of our flight if there is anyone who would like one. I have been doing some research on members of the flight and have learned several have passed away, and some I just can't find any information on. If there's anyone on here that was in this class, please contact me at I would love to hear from anyone. It coming up on 43 years since we all were there as a bunch of young men that were just stating to live our adult lives. To me this was one of the most important parts of my life. I often wonder if there are guys I was training with that today are thinking about this same thing. Even though it was only 6 weeks, I think about it everyday as I grow older. My time in the Air Force means a lot to me and I wish, at times, I could do it all over again. Would I ? Yes I would in a heart beat. I know that if I could I would have kept contact with a lot of the guys I trained with and was close to. It amazes me how when we grow older our priorities change, and friendship become much more important. So, if anyone was in Flight 241, at Amarillo from June of 1968 until August of 1968, or if you know of someone that may have been there, please let me know.I will be glad to send a copy of the picture to you. I have several printed and ready to send out. Thanks again for posting the picture, It help bring back a lot of memories. Sgt. Dale Miller USAF 1960-1972
Sgt. Dale Miller

Picture of our flight
I was in Basic Training in the lat 80s. Squadron 3704 Flight 541, TSgt Fisher was our TI. Does anyone out there have any pictures?
Dave Holloman
Lackland AFB

Any one from November 1976
Looking for someone from the flight. We arrived election day. We did not even know who the prsident was going to be. One event that stands out is that our dorm chief was removed for disciplinary action during basic training. We also had an afro-american female TI named TSgt Washington. She was tough but fair.
CMSGT retired Lindsay Harris
Edwards AFB

Sq3703 Flt679 Dec 1981
Photo is posted so if you guys are out there a long over due hello to you. It's been a long time and I hope your experiences in the AF met with as much success as mine. Completed the 4 years as a 306 and went on in the reserves in a MAPs unit. Not until my son joined this year did I realize what I had done to get my life going and I continue to wonder why we never kept in touch. So to Benke, Val, Joe D, Radio, Cowboy and the others; I hope life has blessed you and if you ever read this...let me know how you're doing.
Ssgt Greg Packet

3707 BMTS Flt 309
I was a member of 3707 BMTS Flt 309 beginning 4 Feb 88. I lost my only flight photo in a PCS move years ago. If anyone has a copy of this picture or knows of anyone from my flight, please contact me at DSN 787-4185. Thank you.
TSgt Retired Timothy Wright
Wright Patt AFB

Looking for Photo
Looking for a photo of Basic Training Flight 0788 Squadron 3702 Lackland AFB June 1971
SGT Paul Fouhy

Basic Flight Feb-Mar 1969 Maybe Flt 256
TI was TSgt or SSgt Beaucheman -sp?- and assistant was SSgt Miller. Anybody have a picture?
Capt Axel Anaruk

3723 BMTS Flt 256
Looking for anyone from this squadron and flight. Training dates 9 Jan 87 to 25 Feb 87
CMSgt Jim Byrnes
Peterson AFB

3704 BMTS Flight 282 April 77
Looking for guys in 3704 BMTS Flight 282 and pictures of that group.
David Castillo


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