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any pics out there
I was in the 3702BMTS, Nov 20 1987 to first week of January 1988. No idea what flight number was or exact graduation date. Drill instructors were Sgt Robbie Dubois and Sgt Rembert, not sure if spelling is correct. Please post pics if anyone has any or want to catch up. My email is Some of the best times of my life. My AF yearbook disappeared in a home burglary several years ago and lost any memories I had
E4 Greg Goehle
Lackland AFB

BMT Flight Photo
I attended basic training at Lackland Sqdn 3725 Flt 2598. I have Special Order Number 77 dated 19 Apr 1957 listing all the names in our Flight and would be nice to match of names and picture.
MSgt Retired Ronald D. Andrews
No base

BMTS photo
Looking for my BMTS flight photo. I was in the 3707th, June 1989. I know my TI was Sgt. Redd. I remember her like it was yesterday. She could definitely put the scare in you! Thanks! BTW, would it be ok if I took the AF Form 341 out of my back pocket? It's really becoming worn out!
Mike O'Neil

Flight hit by vehicle
I was in the flight marching to KP rainey Sunday morning. I would like to hear from others that were in that filght, 1955.
Donald Victor Buchholz

Pictures or comments
I'm looking for any pictures of BMTS 3728 Flight 1368 which would have graduated from BMTS in December of 1973. I believe TSGT Nation was the TI and we were the Drum and Bugle Corps. Any help finding pics or contact information for any of my flight members would be greatly appreciated.
100 percent SC for PTSD Ronald E Lee

Sq 3708 Flt 254
I was unable to locate a photo of my basic training flight online. The date of our flight photo is 19 October 1983. Our MTI was named SSgt Harry Hinton. I would be interested to hear from anyone who went through basic with me. I retired in 2005 from Seymour Johnson AFB, NC.
MSgt Rick Lasnier
Seymour Johnson

Flight Photo
Looking for flight photo of Sqdn 3725, Flight 2598. Have Special Orders Number 77 dated 19 April 1957 with all names. Would be nice to match names with photo.
Master Sergeant Retired Ronald D. Andrews
Langley AFB Va

Looking for BMTS flight photo
Arrived Lackland for BMT late night 9 Sept 1974, TIs were SSgt Dunphy and MSgt. Fletcher. Would like to get copy of flight photo,
E-7 Lee james

Looking for BMT Memories and Photos from 1966
I completed basic training at Lackland AFB from mid March to mid April 1966. I cannot remember the exact dates, but my official enlistment date was 15 Mar 66 and I spent about four weeks at Lackland before heading out to tech school toward the end of April. While in basic training, my TI was an A1/C Kyle and our sister flight’s TI, I believe, was a TSgt Hughes. I do not remember the flight or squadron numbers, but recall we were housed in an old two-story wooden barracks with my flight on one side and our sister flight on the other, separated by the TI’s offices on the first floor and a day room on the second. I remember few specifics about my time at Lackland, other than I was the guidon bearer for my flight and several of my flight-mates were from the Northeast, possibly Massachusetts. Upon completion of basic, I was assigned for a short time to a casual barracks at Lackland while I awaited orders to cook school at Ft Lee, VA. I spent the next 28 years trying to get out of the Air Force. After nine years as an enlisted man, and then 19 as an officer, I finally retired in 1994. Ironically, I still work for the Air Force as a contractor at Scott AFB, IL. If anyone out there can help fill in the blanks regarding my basic training time in 1966, I would deeply appreciate it. As I get older, the memories continue to fade. It would be nice to find someone who could help refresh them.
Lt Col ret Bruce N. Bossart Sr
Scott AFB IL

BMTS 3708 FLT UKN JAN 1969
Started basic training about mid JAN 1969. TIs were TSgt or SSgt Russo and SSgt or Sgt Garcia. We were in an old style barracks, not a 'new' 1000 man dorm. Anyone out there who was in that Sqdn and Flt and have a group photo? If so, please contact me or send it in for posting on the website. Thanks.
MSgt Ret. C. Campen
Lackland AFB


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