Below are letters from Veterans and family members -- most are memories of times spent in Air Force Basic Military Training others are those looking for flight mates and photos of days gone by.

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BMT Letters -- Memories and searching....

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Flight Training Completed 1947
I am looking for any information on my Grandad, Herbert Anderson Jones. I believe he completed his training at Lackland in 1947 based on the Army Air Forces logo I see in an old postcard from him. In the postcard he and 3 other men are standing around a T-6. He writes that he's standing with McNleollough sp? "a boy from NC," the flight instructor, and then McHens sp? "a boy from olk" which I am guessing means Oklahoma. If anyone remembers him, he's from Florida, or think they recognize the other two possible names please let me know. Any info is appreciated!
Caroline Jones behalf of Herbert Anderson Jones
Aug. 15, 2016

I could not believe the dorms that the guys have now in the Air Force. In Charleston they have a nice bed bathroom refrig and stove etc. All we had was a lousy mattress a small sink no bathroom except in hall or shower. They have it made now, wish I could do it over again like now. They redid the dorms from the 60s to like now, doors face outside. They have nothing to complain about. If anyone was stationed at Charleston AFB from jan 1966 to Sept 1967 please contact me I was a 70250 in the C-141 and 124 flight simulators. Thanks
aic ron kagan
charleston afb
Aug. 15, 2016

Squadron picture
I'm looking for my BMTS squadron picture BMT 3706 Flight 640 Date 12Jun1964 TI SSgt Luster A1C Hill
E4Sgt Jeffrey Lum
Lackland AFB TX Rhein Main AB Germany
Aug. 15, 2016

BMTS Photos
Are there any photos from 1984. I was in the 3707 April 1984 to June 1984. Thank you!
MSgt RetiredCurrently a Contr Dora P Leech
911th AW Pittsburgh IAP
Aug. 15, 2016

tech school
Anybody remember tech school from 1964 Feb to April, Sgt Rodriquez was the instructor in charge. 70230 qualified to 70250. The barracks sucked had to pull cq 2 hours on 2 off in the snow.
aic ron kagan
Amarillo 1964 70250
Aug. 15, 2016

Nov 1963
Who was in the green monster that day when kennedy was killed getting processed in. I remember I was in the 3707 sgt Engelbert don't squad number, that day was terrible, we had to go to the place where you had to take off gas mask.I Spent first four weeks with Sgt Engelbert second four weeks forgot ti name across base seemed so far away at that time, one of the newer barracks ti was a real prince lol not. Short guy but mean as hell anyone rmember his name 3725 made us stand outside in our underwear in cold weather while the wacs went by at 5 in the morning screaming at us
aic ron kagan
Incirlik ab charleston afb lackland afb
Aug. 15, 2016

3701 BMTS FLT W060 16Apr92
Does anyone have the flight picture in their blues or bdu?
Lackland AFB
Aug. 15, 2016

flt Picture
I went through basic Jun 66 t0 Jul Flt 1247 does anyone have that picture. Stationed at Rhein Main 66 to 69
E-4 Bruce Lallier
Aug. 15, 2016

BMTS Graduation picture requested
I am looking for my BMTS picture. For some reason it is not listed in your archive. My class info as I remember it: 3711 BMTS FLT 945 TI: TSgt Mitchell -broke leg during training and was replaced by his assistant Assistant TI: SSgt Cramer
MSgt Retired Vincent L Bolden
Kadena Air Base
Aug. 9, 2016

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Searching for photo
I am in search of my father's individual AF photo. I have never seen it, and he does not know what happened to it. My oldest son is named after him, and is currently at BMT at Lackland. I was hoping to make something special for the both of them. My father's name is Roger Sandy. He graduated BMT in October 1970, and was in 3711 Squadron Flight 1016. I was able to locate the squadron photo. Did they have a yearbook then with individual photos? Could anyone point me in the right direction? I would greatly appreciate any help!
Crystal Sandy Cook
Lackland AFB
July 14, 2016

Note: Yes, there were flight books and individual photographs taken in 1970, however, both may be hard to get hold of these days. We also had the "Home Town News Release" in 1970... you might try the newspaper from the town your father came into the Air Force from -- check the paper from the month (October 1970) and look through the "Announcements" section to see if an announcement was made over his graduation from BMT -- most newspapers also included the photos!

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