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The USAF Basic Military Training Flight Photograph Project is a concentrated effort to collect the approximately 119,000 USAF basic training photographs from the inception of the US Air Force in 1947 to the present. The collection includes photos from all bases that conducted Air Force basic training including Lackland AFB, Texas, Sampson AFB, New York, Parks AFB, California, Keesler Field, Mississippi, Amarillo and Sheppard AFB, Texas. The collection will also include Air Force basic training that was conducted overseas.
tabWhere Were You on Lackland? 
The following link shows a map of Lackland (1985, 1990, 1995, 2000, 2005 and 2010) and the locations of the Basic Military Training Squadrons.
Do you remember where your squadron was?

Where Were You? Lackland BMT Squadrons 1955-2010
We are working on the earlier years, just give us a little bit to finish them.

**If you see an error, do not panic -- just contact us and we will update:
210-671-2232  or  Thanks!!
tabFrequency Asked Questions - FAQ 
The most common questions we have been answering of late:

1. I did not see my flight photo on the site, is
there a way to get a copy?
Answer: If you do not see your BMT flight photo on-line,
chances are we do not have it (at least not yet). This
collection is made up of photo donations from those
people who have copies of their BMT flight photos --
we are patiently awaiting everyone to send in a copy
of their photo. 
We suggest that you continuously check the website
for your particular flight photo.

2. Do you have my Air Force record?
Answer: No. However you can check the National
Archives on-line for more information:

3. How do I submit a copy of my Air Force BMT
flight photo?
Please see the center aisle of information
on this page: "How to Submit A Photo".  Copies
of photos can be mailed in and digitized copies emailed.

4. I sent a copy of my flight photo in over a month
ago-- why is it not on-line yet?

Answer: We process the photos in the order they
are received. Due to the overwhelming response
to the project, we are behind in the processing of
newly arrived photos.  Please be patient and do
not send duplicates.  We will get your photo 
archived as soon as possible. 

5. I have an oversized photograph - what do I do?
Answer: Please see the "How To Submit A Photo."

6. I am looking for a copy of my flight book from
when I graduated. Do you have a copy?

Answer: No. Along the same lines as the flight
photos, independent contractors have put those
together and like the photos, the contractors have
not kept copies. The only ones out there are what
you and your flight mates purchased. On the bright
side, many people have been donating their fligh
t books to the collection. However, in the case of
those books from Lackland, typically only one
 flight was featured in each book.

7. Do we have a list of everyone who has come
through basic training?

Answer: No. I wish I did....but no. Please bear
in mind that the Gateway has had nearly seven
million people- thats a lot of records for this office 

tabCurrent Information 
   9 Aug 2016    *********  IMPORTANT MESSAGE  *****************

This site is undergoing a change to an updated system.
(This address link will remain the same)

We are currently working on the new site creating the framework to make the new site as assessible as this one.

Please keep sending your BMT Flight Photos, they will be processed and put in the online collection in due course.

Questions? Give us a call:   210-671-2232 

Watch the weekly Friday Basic Training Graduation ceremony live on "UStream" --- Friday 0900 CST (click this link)


RB-57 Canberra Aim High!

tabAirman Heritage Museum 
The Lackland Gateway Heritage Foundation has completed work on the new web site for the USAF Airman Heritage Musuem:

It is time to build our new Enlisted Museum on Lackland!

Engraved Pavers for placement around the Lackland parade field are available for purchase -- get them for yourself and your Airmen both past and present.

Have you joined????
tabProject MOB 
Project MOB

The Lackland Heritage Program, a joint effort of the 37th Training Wing Office of History & Research, the USAF Airman Heritage Museum are in need of your assistance in rehabilitating the last remaining 1942 Mobilization Open Bay (MOB) barrack. 
Our building, # 6351 was relocated in late March 2010 to its new location behind the newly renovated USAF Airman Heritage Museum (formerly known as the History & Traditions Museum).

Click here for more information!

Lackland's newest historical addition, building 6351, a 1942 MOB Barrack!
Project MOB
tabHow To Submit A Photo 
The Collection is in need of high quality scanned images of your Air Force BMT Flight Photo.  Ideally, the pictures can be sent via email to:  Photo images of pictures can be sent through the US mail system to:

2320 Carswell Ave (Bldg 7065 Room 2)
Lackland AFB  TX  78236-5155

If you have an oversized flight photograph, you can make two scans of the photo (or photocopy two halves) and send both in.  We can put them together and get them into the archives and on-line.
If you happen to be close to Lackland AFB, give us a call - we have an oversized scanner that can easily accommodate the older, larger folders.

All photos should be submitted in '.jpg' format preferably less than 2000KB (2MB).

tabStories on the Project 

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View the memories of those service members who have been a part of the heritage of the United States Air Force. 
Share with us
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If you are looking for a Wingman of the past, military records or any other valuable information for Retirees, please click on the following link to the Air Force Personnel Center:
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USAF BMT Flight Photo Project Information Line:
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37th Training Wing
History Office

Bldg 7065 Carswell Ave, Rm 2
Lackland AFB, TX 78236 

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